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Qt 5.0.1 Released

Published Thursday January 31st, 2013 | by

It’s been six weeks since we published the Qt 5.0.0 release and we are now introducing Qt 5.0.1 – the first patch release. Qt 5.0.0 release has been well received and we have seen a great amount of interest towards it.

With over 400 improvements compared to Qt 5.0.0 the Qt 5.0.1 is a great next step for the Qt 5 series. As a patch release it does not introduce new functionality, just error corrections and improvements. In addition to these, it also adds MinGW 4.7 pre-built binary installer, which has been highly requested. MinGW is the first but not the last new pre-built binary installer which we are going to bring along on later Qt 5.0.x releases.

For detailed list of changes in Qt 5.0.1, please have a look into the changes file included to each module – or check the three most important ones: qtbaseqtdeclarative and qtmultimedia.

As always, Qt 5.0.1 maintains both forward and backward source compatibility with Qt 5.0.0. However, to fix a bug we detected after the Qt 5.0.0 release, this release has a limited binary compatibility break related to multimedia functionality (please see details from here). We therefore recommend all users to recompile their applications that provided QtMultimedia plugins or dealt with them directly. This is an exceptional case: binary compatibility will be kept for further releases.

As with every release, also this one has a few issues left that we know about. We are continuously ironing out the glitches and improving quality with every new release. If you encounter a problem, please check the known issues page first, where you can find solutions and workarounds for common problems. If you find any other bug in Qt 5, please help us to improve the product in future releases by reporting it to, or contact us via our Customer Portal if you have a commercial license.

Qt 5.0.1 is now tagged in the Qt Project repository. The source packages and installers for Qt 5.0.1 are available for download at for open-source users, as well as via the Customer Portal for commercial licensees.


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Presenting Qt Commercial 4.8.2 and Visual Studio Add-In 1.1.11

Published Tuesday May 22nd, 2012 | by

Qt Commercial R&D is pleased to present Qt Commercial 4.8.2 – the second patch release for the 4.8 series. This release introduces full Windows host support for the INTEGRITY and QNX RTOS with cross compiling, one hundred functional improvements over the previous version, WebKit and libpng updated to new versions and many fixes to documentation and tool. We recommend all Qt Commercial 4.8 users to try it out. Furthermore, we are releasing an updated Visual Studio Add-In that provides some highly requested functionality and fixes.

As a patch release Qt Commercial 4.8.2 does not introduce new functionality, but rather a set of error corrections and improvements over the previous 4.8.1 release.


Highlights of Qt Commercial 4.8.2 include:


  • Windows host support for INTEGRITY and QNX, including cross-compilation functionality for configure.exe
  • One hundred functional improvements for desktop and embedded platforms
  • WebKit updated to version 2.2.2
  • libpng updated to version 1.5.10
  • Thirty improvements to documentation and tools


A detailed list of the fixes and improvements can be found here.


Qt Commercial now provides full Windows host support for INTEGRITY and QNX Real-Time Operating Systems, including cross compiling of QNX and INTEGRITY Qt Commercial ports on a Windows host. You can use configure.exe to configure Qt Commercial from the source and cross-compile Qt Commercial to your target architecture using QNX or INTEGRITY toolchains and mkspecs.


Updated Webkit 2.2.2 and libpng 1.5.10 offer a set of functional improvements, as well as fixes to known security issues and vulnerabilities. If you use these libraries, we recommend migrating to Qt Commercial 4.8.2.


Qt Commercial 4.8.2 is available for download in the Qt Commercial Customer Portal as well as an online update for all Qt Commercial SDK users.


Highlights of Visual Studio Add-In 1.1.11 include:

  • Documentation support for Visual Studio 2010, and documentation updated
  • Fixed always moc’ing problem. (QTVSADDINBUG-92)
  • Fixed .pro file opening having include to "." path. (QTVSADDINBUG-117)


As agreed with the Qt Project in December, Digia will maintain the VS Add-In functionality for both Commercial and LGPL users. Today, we are happy to provide you with the first release that we have created. Along the way we plan to add some new functionality for Qt Commercial customers. However, we aim to make bug fixes and the such available for all Qt users.


A detailed list of changes to the Visual Studio Add-In 1.1.11 can be found here.


The source code will also be pushed to the repository.


Working Together for Qt


With a lot of Qt Project’s focus already directed towards Qt 5 it is important to note that Qt 4.8 is still being actively improved. It has been less than two months since Qt 4.8.1 was released and there already are about 150 improvements in the 4.8.2 release. That is awesome and truly proves that both the Qt Project and Qt 4.8 branch are very much alive. We have planned to create the next patch release of Qt 4.8 in August.


Qt Commercial 4.8.2 is now available as an update for all Qt Commercial SDK users, as well as stand-alone installers via the Qt Commercial Customer portal .  If you are not yet using the Qt Commercial SDK, you can try it out and get the SDK installer from the Qt Commercial Customer Portal.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the customer portal or the contact form.


Want to meet Qt Commercial? We are in an area near you! Find out more here. 

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Qt Commercial Creator 2.4.1 Released

Published Friday February 17th, 2012 | by

My name is Akseli Salovaara, and I am responsible for getting you the Qt Commercial releases. Today, I am happy to announce the Qt Commercial Creator 2.4.1 maintenance release. As a maintenance release it doesn’t contain new features, but fixes a few issues, most notably:

  • finding the on case sensitive Mac file systems
  • building debugging helpers for universal builds, and tool chain / mkspec setting in some configurations (Mac)

A detailed list of the fixes can be found here.

Qt Commercial Creator 2.4.1 contains the same embedded Linux development improvements we released in conjunction with version 2.4.0. For details, please read our blog post on this from January 2012 here.

For Qt Commercial SDK users, updating Qt Creator is straightforward. Open the Qt Commercial SDK Maintenance Tool (either from the operating system’s menu or from Qt Commercial SDK installation’s root folder). Select “Update components” and follow the maintenance tool wizard’s workflow.

Qt Commercial SDK Update Components

Qt Commercial SDK Select Components

If you have not yet tried out our new Qt Commercial SDK, please do so. You can find the SDK installers from the Qt Commercial Customer Portal at

We have made the new release of Qt Commercial Creator available also as a standalone installer via the Qt Commercial Customer Portal.

Try the Qt Commercial SDK for FREE

If you are not a Qt Commercial customer, you can try the Qt Commercial SDK with our 30-day free evaluation. Download now.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the Customer portal or contact form at

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