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Google Labs VoltAir Game Built with Qt

Published Monday July 21st, 2014 | by

As the dog days of summer carry on, we at Digia, Qt are swatting down flies, mosquitoes and bees while we fan ourselves in the unusual summer heat currently striking Scandinavia … in Oslo … at least.

Meanwhile, on a cool note, the Fun Propulsion Labs at Google announced last week that, VoltAir a single and multi-player game built with Qt is available for download via the Google Play Store and as open source software. Coolbeans!

VoltAir was developed to provide an example of a C++ game designed for both Android and Android TV and the folks at Google also tested it on Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Moto X by Motorola, Android TV, and some Samsung devices.

Check Out VoltAir (Courtesy of Google Developers – YouTube)

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Qt 5.2 Over 1 Million Downloads

Published Wednesday April 16th, 2014 | by

Congrats everyone! Since its release in December 2013, Qt 5.2 has been downloaded over 1 million times. That is pretty darn awesome with about 10K downloads ticking in daily. Nice! Thanks to all for your support in spreading the Qt love. Let’s keep it kicking. Qt 5.3 is just around the corner where we hope to convert even more devs to the Qt world.

This figure really shows Qt as a key player in the software development world with a strong community behind it. The opportunity with Qt for hobby developers and large enterprise projects is evident via our fast-growing ecosystem. Qt’s use in 70+ industries and the large amount of market-leading Qt-powered applications and devices has an even larger potential for monetization and other new opportunities for all of us. Thanks again for the support and keep the conversation going with us. Let us  know what we can do better or more of to spread the use of Qt everywhere.

We welcome your feedback!

P.S. Remember to take the 2014 7th Edition Developer Economics Survey and stand up for Qt (and maybe win some nice prizes while you are at it): http://www.vmob.me/DE3Q14Digia

And, if you are really into taking surveys, help Qt move up the ranks in the Research2Guidance Cross-Platform Tools survey: http://research2guidance.com/cross-platform-tool-benchmarking-2014-take-part-and-get-your-valuable-reward-right-after-the-survey/



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Stand Up for Qt | Vision Mobile 7th Developer Economics Survey

Published Monday April 7th, 2014 | by

VisionMobile Developer Economics Qt

Help us push the Qt name and technology. If you love Qt, take the 7th Vision Mobile Developer Economics survey, and stand up for Qt!

The Vision Mobile Developer Economics survey is the largest, most global research series on the app economy and developer trends. Take the latest survey and speak your mind on the latest developer trends – How are challenger platforms moving up? Is HTML5 in decline? Is Qt usage increasing?  What language do most devs use? What are the trending tools of the trade?

Please take 10 minutes of your time  and win some great prizes while you’re at it! The results of this survey will become available as a free PDF report in July 2014.

Each of the respondents gets a free 1-month subscription of crash reporting for their apps (value of 19 USD, courtesy of Bugsense) – as well as a 20% discount to continue using the service after the 1 month is up. Just take the survey and Bugsense will be in touch to set up your prize.

There are also some great devices up for grabs – the winners will be determined in a draw, which Vision Mobile will hold after the survey closes (mid May 2014).

  1. One iPhone 5s
  2. One Samsung Galaxy S5
  3. One Lumia 930 (courtesy of Nokia)
  4. One BlackBerry Z30

Let’s join forces and support Qt! Learn more about the survey and help us the spread the word via the Qt community.

Thanks for the support!



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Save the Dates | Qt Developer Day Tokyo, Beijing & Shanghai 2014

Published Wednesday March 12th, 2014 | by



We are happy to announce Qt Developer Days Asia 2014 with stops in Tokyo, Beijing & Shanghai in May. Save the dates!

Tokyo, Japan: May 20 (location TBA)
Beijing, China: May 22 – Hotel New Otani Chang Fu Gong
Shanghai, China: May 23 – Purple Mountain Hotel

Last year’s Qt Developer Day in China was a successful event with 400+ attendees attending a full-day of technical tracks focusing on desktop, embedded and mobile development. There was a definite clear interest in the Qt for Android and iOS ports as well as Qt Enterprise Embedded (then still the Boot to Qt project). So, we decided to do it again this year to keep the Qt momentum going in China and interact with our Qt lovers and those soon to be Qt-ties.

Japan has been a true friend to Qt for the past several years where leading companies in the automation, consumer electronics and robotics industry have standardized on Qt. We have also seen a great deal of TLC from the Japanese Qt community and are grateful for the support. We are excited to take Qt Developer Day to Tokyo this year and engage with Qt fans, new Qt users and the overall Japanese development ecosystem. 素晴らしい!

The agenda and registration for both events will be available in the coming weeks and we recommend that you stay tuned to our channels. To learn a bit more about the events, please visit our sites and register your interest and we will be in contact soon. Info Qt Developer Day Beijing & Shanghai: http://qt.digia.com/QtDeveloperDayChina/ . Info Qt Developer Day Tokyo: http://qt.digia.com/jp.

If you are interested in being a sponsor, please contact us at qt.info@digia.com.


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Embedded World 2014 | Qt on Embedded Buzzing

Published Wednesday February 26th, 2014 | by

We are in our second day at Embedded World 2014 (Nuremberg, Germany), the largest embedded systems show in Europe.

Together with some of our partners, KDAB, ICS, e-GITS and Adeneo Embedded, we are showcasing over 15 demos showing the power of Qt on various embedded platforms.

In the past couple of days, visitors to our booth have been looking for a quick and efficient way to develop application or devices in various embedded industries like automotive, medical, industrial automation and household appliances. Touch user interfaces are now the norm in industries where just a couple of years, fluid or graphics-intensified UIs were not hard requirements. Embedded-focused companies are looking to provide their end users with an easy-to-use, i-Phone-like and consistent user experience that also spans various form factors and operating systems. Judging the crazy traffic to our booth, Qt and the Qt Enterprise Embedded offering seems to be the hallelujah answer to the trials and tribulations many face in software development for embedded systems.
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Save the Date | Qt Developer Days 2014 Europe

Published Friday February 21st, 2014 | by

Together with co-hosts KDAB and ICS, we are happy to announce the dates for Qt Developer Days 2014 Europe! Mark your calendars with the following dates:

  • October 6-8
  • Location: Berlin, Germany | Berlin Congress Centre

Call for papers, call for sponsors, agenda and lots of other details will come soon. Dates and location for Qt Developer Days North America will also be announced soon. Stay tuned.

We look forward to seeing familiar and new faces at the flagship Qt events of the year.

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Automate Testing of Your Qt Enterprise Embedded Application with froglogic Squish

Published Wednesday November 6th, 2013 | by

This blog post is written by a guest blogger, a long-time Qt testing advocate and the CEO of froglogic GmbH, one of our Digia, Qt Technology Partners, Mr. Reginald Stadlbauer.

While Qt Enterprise Embedded was still under the Digia R&D name of “Boot to Qt”, froglogic Squish sparked interest in supporting automated Qt and Qt Quick GUI testing to also work with the Qt Enterprise Embedded development environment and the Boot to Qt Software Stack on embedded Android.

As part of our Beta support efforts, we set up a Qt environment using an iMX.6 board (see image below for the nifty, 3D printed case we used for the board :-) ) and a multi-touch display. Our porting effort mainly consisted of adjusting Squish’s build and packaging system to Qt Enterprise Embedded. Squish’s code, which interfaces with Qt and Qt Quick, has been proven to be portable due to the many ports we have done before, and  comfortably works with the out-of-the-box Qt Enterprise Embedded.

At Qt Developer Days Berlin in early October this year, we demonstrated a version of Squish running a continuous, automated Squish test of a Qt Quick application on a Qt Enterprise Embedded device controlled from a desktop PC. We will have the same set up at Qt Developer Days San Francisco (starts today – come and see us!).

Qt Enterprise Embedded Set Up

Qt Enterprise Embedded Set Up

Additionally, we are now working on enhancing Squish’s support for the automation of Qt and Qt Quick single- and multi-touch gestures. This, of course, will be available to all Qt and Qt Quick platforms, including those on Qt Enterprise Embedded.

More on froglogic & Squish
For over 10 years, froglogic specializes in automated testing of Qt-based user interfaces. We started as a small company founded by former Trolltech developers aiming to create a convenient tool – Squish for Qt – allowing to automate the functional testing of Qt applications on any platform, back then mostly on Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS X.

With Qt becoming increasingly popular in the embedded software space, froglogic started to make the Squish for Qt GUI Tester available beyond the desktop platforms by adding support for testing Qt on QNX, embedded Linux and Windows.

Throughout the years we grew with Qt adopting the Squish GUI Tester to always support the greatest and latest of Qt. In that process, we added support not only for testing all kinds of Qt widgets but also support for automation of Qt Quick and Qt WebKit elements.Squish’s architecture, which separates the test logic from the application under test (AUT), is of huge benefit for testing on devices. Squish’s test runner, which interprets the test scripts and generates the reports, communicates via TCP/IP with the AUT. This way the impact (memory footprint, disc space and runtime impact) on the AUT and device is minimal while the test execution and result processing happens on a desktop PC.

Squish architecture

Squish architecture

Meet Us & Check Out our Demo at Qt Developer Days San Francisco
We will be present at Qt Developer Days in San Francisco (Nov 6-8) where you can see Squish in action, join our Squish training class or attend our talk on automated Qt & Qt Quick GUI testing with Squish on desktop, embedded and mobile platforms for any questions. Register now at www.qtdeveloperdays.com.

If you are not at Qt Developer Days in San Francisco and have questions, feel free to get in touch with us (sales@froglogic.com) or visit www.froglogic.com/evaluate where you can also request a free trial of Squish for Qt.

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Announcing the Qt Mobile Edition @ Qt Developer Days 2013 Berlin

Published Tuesday October 8th, 2013 | by

What an event so far! Over 600 people were jammed in to the Qt Developer Days 2013 Berlin keynote speeches this morning and the level of excitement was high. Kalle Dalheimer from KDAB gave an uplifting welcome setting the stage for 2 days of Qt love and fun.

Digia announced an extremely exciting piece of information. Tommi Laitinen, SVP International Products at Digia gave a first-glimpse announcement about the upcoming Qt Mobile Edition.

What is the Qt Mobile Edition, you ask?

The Qt Mobile Edition is a full mobile app development offering from Digia that lets indie developers, small companies and app development houses build amazing multi-platform native mobile apps for Android & iOS with one affordable Qt package.

  • Full Qt libraries and development tools for unbeatable native performance and maximum developer efficiency
  • Cross-platform environment for Android & iOS app development (plus other mobile platforms to be added soon)
  • Built-in Qt-optimized cloud data storage & user management (Enginio Qt Cloud)
  • Commercial development and deployment license simplifying application distribution
  • Unlimited application development support from Digia experts
  • Subscription-based self-service model starting at $149 per month per user license

We know Qt is the best development framework out there and we want to make sure that all developers in all corners of the world are able to easily and inexpensively get their hands on it. That is why we have designed the Qt Mobile Edition – Qt everywhere for everyone. You can easily develop, deploy and host your mobile app for the leading mobile OSs with one convenient package and at the same time avoid any legal missteps. So, all you have to focus on is creating your app and you can rest assured it will be cross-platform, conveniently hosted and easily uploaded to the leading stores.

Qt Mobile Edition will be available later this year following the release of the next major update to the framework, Qt 5.2, in December.

Don’t fear. We will provide a free trial version of the Qt Mobile Edition to make sure you have the time to evaluate just how great it is before you purchase.

To sign up to receive information about the Qt Mobile Edition and its launch, make sure to visit http://qt.digia.com/qtmobileedition.

Let us know what you think and stay tuned!



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The State of WinCE Support in Qt5

Published Tuesday July 30th, 2013 | by

Today, we are happy to have a blog post from our Digia, Qt Partner, KDAB. Bjoern Breitmeyer gives us an update on KDAB’s work on  Qt for WinCE.

When Qt5 was released official support for Windows CE was initially dropped. As KDAB’s customers still showed a lot of interest in the platform we decided to step forward to fill the gap. This resulted in my coworker Andreas Holzammer and myself starting to port CE support from Qt4 into Qt5 and recently I became the official Qt maintainer for WindowsCE.

The biggest effort was to get the new windows platform support plugin to support Windows CE. We got widget-based applications working relatively quickly and this was soon followed by QML1 support. The OpenGL support had to follow for QtQuick2. Another big roadblock was the porting of v8 to WindowsCE. As the javascript engine uses just-in-time compilation we faced issues that were deeply processor and os specific. The one big problem was that QML2 applications would crash if bindings were used, not initially but after a while. It was a scary thing to explore as the just-in-time compiler would create weird and different backtraces.

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Qt Developer Days 2013 Registration (Berlin only) & Call for Papers Open

Published Tuesday June 18th, 2013 | by

October 7-9:  Berlin
November 6-8:  San Francisco

We are happy to announce that registration (Berlin only) AND Call for Papers (both locations) for Qt Developer Days 2013 is officially open.   Lock down your conference seat in Berlin and register before July 15th to get a free Raspberry Pi. That’s a sweet summer deal.

Registration for our San Francisco event in November will open soon. Stay tuned.

Qt Developer Days 2013 is the 10th annual Qt Developer Days event and together with KDAB and ICS, we are excited to mark a decades-worth of Qt geek fun, networking and top-notch technical presentations.

In order to make sure we have the best possible Qt Developer Days to-date with engaging tracks and sessions, we need your session proposals. If you have the expertise to share your Qt knowledge in any of these areas, please submit a proposal:

  • Qt on Android
  • Qt on iOS
  • Qt on BlackBerry 10
  • Qt on Sailfish
  • Qt on WinRT
  • Qt 3D and OpenGL
  • Qt Quick / QML
  • QtWebKit
  • Qt and C++11
  • Qt Platform Abstraction (Lighthouse)
  • Qt product development stories (experiences, process, challenges, differentiation — open source and commercial projects are welcome)
  • Qt on new hardware platforms (tutorials/introductions, improvements/developments, challenges)
  • User Experience and Design Guidelines
  • Development methodologies
  • Current and possible future Qt components
  • Qt tools and processes (tutorials/introductions, improvements/developments, tips and tricks, etc.)
  • Quality Assurance (methods, tools, tutorials, experiences)
  • Qt and the Open Source Community
  • Other topics you think are of interest to Qt developers

Learn more about the requirements and submit your proposal here.

This year, we are mixing it up a little bit and introducing a 2-day “Starter Edition” sub-event to Qt Developer Days in Berlin. The Qt Developer Days Starter Edition will run adjacent to the main event targeted at newcomers to Qt who are looking to learn the basics about developing with Qt, learn why to use Qt for application development and get some hand-holding on Qt development best practices. More information on the details of the Starter Edition in Berlin coming soon.

Registration specifically for the Qt Developers Days Starter Edition will open soon. Registration for main Qt Developer Days event in Berlin is now open.

Learn more at www.qtdeveloperdays.com.

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