Qt Developer Day China 2014, Beijing & Shanghai | Get a Free Pass Today!

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I’m sure you are aware of the amazing annual gatherings for Qt enthusiast hosted in Berlin & San Francisco. But did you know we have other Qt Developer Day events around the globe as well? Qt’s popularity has been gaining in the Asian markets in the past year with a large following coming from Chinese-speaking countries and Japan, so we’re doing our best to bring the show to you.

Qt Developer Day China comes to Beijing, May 22 and to Shanghai, May 23. Registration is now open, so grab your free ticket today.  (in English) (in Chinese)

Qt Developer Day Asia 2014 highlights:

  • Lars Knoll, Qt CTO, on the Qt Path – Where We Are & the Technology Direction Ahead
  • Qt Powering Your Internet of Things Connected Device Strategy
  • Tech Talks, Training & Insights To Make You a Power User: Intro to Qt and Qt Creator, Intro to Embedded Development with Qt Enterprise Embedded, Deep Dive into Qt Quick and Qt Quick Controls, and much more…
  • Integrating Mobile Into Your Cross-Platform Strategy with Qt

Share your findings about these upcoming events with the community, and start your dialog and networking today.

Don’t wait. Don’t procrastinate. Register now for Qt Developer Day Beijing & Shanghai!

If you’re in Japan, Qt Developer Day sets up in Tokyo May 20. Registration for Tokyo opens soon, so  there is still time to learn to read Japanese before you try to register.

If you are interested in being a sponsor and reaching hundreds most influential application and UI developers in Asia, please contact us at

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Embedded World Revisited

Published Wednesday March 12th, 2014 | by

Embedded World 2014 was a great event and we had busy 3 days showing over 15 great Qt demos shown together with our customers and partners. So, a big thank you to everyone who joined us at Embedded World 2014! Below is just a small snippet from the three days packed full of demos, discussions, “LIVE Qt Coding” theatre sessions and a lot of networking!

If you want to check details of the demos we showed together with our customers and partners, please visit our Embedded World 2014 event page.

To get started with Qt Enterprise Embedded, check out our Free 30-day Trial, or contact us to learn more.

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Embedded World 2014 | Qt on Embedded Buzzing

Published Wednesday February 26th, 2014 | by

We are in our second day at Embedded World 2014 (Nuremberg, Germany), the largest embedded systems show in Europe.

Together with some of our partners, KDAB, ICS, e-GITS and Adeneo Embedded, we are showcasing over 15 demos showing the power of Qt on various embedded platforms.

In the past couple of days, visitors to our booth have been looking for a quick and efficient way to develop application or devices in various embedded industries like automotive, medical, industrial automation and household appliances. Touch user interfaces are now the norm in industries where just a couple of years, fluid or graphics-intensified UIs were not hard requirements. Embedded-focused companies are looking to provide their end users with an easy-to-use, i-Phone-like and consistent user experience that also spans various form factors and operating systems. Judging the crazy traffic to our booth, Qt and the Qt Enterprise Embedded offering seems to be the hallelujah answer to the trials and tribulations many face in software development for embedded systems.
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Save the Date | Qt Developer Days 2014 Europe

Published Friday February 21st, 2014 | by

Together with co-hosts KDAB and ICS, we are happy to announce the dates for Qt Developer Days 2014 Europe! Mark your calendars with the following dates:

  • October 6-8
  • Location: Berlin, Germany | Berlin Congress Centre

Call for papers, call for sponsors, agenda and lots of other details will come soon. Dates and location for Qt Developer Days North America will also be announced soon. Stay tuned.

We look forward to seeing familiar and new faces at the flagship Qt events of the year.

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Massive Start for Qt Mobile Roadshow

Published Friday January 31st, 2014 | by

As you know, together with the launch of Qt 5.2 where we introduced full support for Android and iOS we also put out a specially-tailored subscription-based offering that packages Qt for Android and iOS together with commercial licensing, add-ons and Qt Cloud Services: Qt Mobile. To spread the Qt Mobile love and to meet local developers face-to-face we launched the Qt Mobile Roadshow, a full-day developer event and tech training around the newest stuff on the mobile side of Qt. The locations for the roadshows are Tampere, Finland (we just concluded the sold out event on January 27th),  San Francisco (Feb 19th), London (Mar 11th) and Berlin (Mar 13th).

The agenda for the day includes:

•    Introduction to Qt Mobile, Qt Developer Offering for Mobile Platforms
•    Getting Started with Qt Mobile Programming using Qt Quick Controls
•    Qt on Android, Deploying to Devices and Google Play
•    Qt on iOS, Deploying to Devices and App Store
•    Introduction to Qt on Windows Phone and WinRT
•    Qt Cloud Services

Read more…


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Season’s Greetings from Qt Hackathon

Published Thursday December 19th, 2013 | by

With Qt 5.2 and Creator 3.0 released, we decided to shift towards the right holiday mood and arranged a Qt Hackathon event. On Wednesday noon 22 project teams across all our main development sites set off to compete for the coolest and craziest things we can do with Qt 5.2. During the next 24 hours we would see which team would have what it takes to hack through the night and complete something the other teams would vote to be the best!

As we all know, Qt offers extreme versatility and one can create pretty much anything with it. So we also had everything ranging from potential new features in Qt and tooling, via cloud based utility applications and awesome games, to drawing pictures with lasers and controlling robots with Qt. We also had great fun just hacking together as well as sharing experiences across different sites.

So, after 24 hours of fun we gathered together to see what each team had created and voted for the best ones, which were:

  • Greatest demo for Qt marketing: QtLaserScanner - Qt Enterprise Embedded demo application that controls galvanometer laser scanner
  • Biggest potential Qt future feature: QtQuickWidget - Prototype a better way to combine QtQuick, QWidget and OpenGL
  • Most creative domain to use Qt in: Lego Mindstorms - Port Qt 5.2 to Lego™ Mindstorms (and create a remote control app with Qt for Android)

In addition to the winners we think quite many of the topics are worth more research and development – and we might even see some of these becoming part of Qt and its tooling in the not too distant future.

With these greetings and some pictures from our Qt Hackathon the whole Qt organization at Digia wishes happy holidays for everyone – and happy hacking!


Comfortable coding:



Planning is everything:



Getting Qt 5.2 running in Lego™ Mindstorms EV3:

Running Qt in Lego Mindstrom EV3


Late night snack at Berlin:



Laser control with Qt Enterprise Embedded:



Some of our happy winners:



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Announcing the Qt Mobile Edition @ Qt Developer Days 2013 Berlin

Published Tuesday October 8th, 2013 | by

What an event so far! Over 600 people were jammed in to the Qt Developer Days 2013 Berlin keynote speeches this morning and the level of excitement was high. Kalle Dalheimer from KDAB gave an uplifting welcome setting the stage for 2 days of Qt love and fun.

Digia announced an extremely exciting piece of information. Tommi Laitinen, SVP International Products at Digia gave a first-glimpse announcement about the upcoming Qt Mobile Edition.

What is the Qt Mobile Edition, you ask?

The Qt Mobile Edition is a full mobile app development offering from Digia that lets indie developers, small companies and app development houses build amazing multi-platform native mobile apps for Android & iOS with one affordable Qt package.

  • Full Qt libraries and development tools for unbeatable native performance and maximum developer efficiency
  • Cross-platform environment for Android & iOS app development (plus other mobile platforms to be added soon)
  • Built-in Qt-optimized cloud data storage & user management (Enginio Qt Cloud)
  • Commercial development and deployment license simplifying application distribution
  • Unlimited application development support from Digia experts
  • Subscription-based self-service model starting at $149 per month per user license

We know Qt is the best development framework out there and we want to make sure that all developers in all corners of the world are able to easily and inexpensively get their hands on it. That is why we have designed the Qt Mobile Edition – Qt everywhere for everyone. You can easily develop, deploy and host your mobile app for the leading mobile OSs with one convenient package and at the same time avoid any legal missteps. So, all you have to focus on is creating your app and you can rest assured it will be cross-platform, conveniently hosted and easily uploaded to the leading stores.

Qt Mobile Edition will be available later this year following the release of the next major update to the framework, Qt 5.2, in December.

Don’t fear. We will provide a free trial version of the Qt Mobile Edition to make sure you have the time to evaluate just how great it is before you purchase.

To sign up to receive information about the Qt Mobile Edition and its launch, make sure to visit

Let us know what you think and stay tuned!



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Battle of the Shirts – Qt Developer Days 10th Anniversary

Published Wednesday August 7th, 2013 | by

***Update: We’re astonished by the amount of submissions. Let’s give it up to the shortlisted Qt Shirt designers and let the voting begin. Like your favorite shirt and tell your friends! ***

An offer too good to refuse: 1000+ T-shirts with your own design and a free pass to Qt Dev Days!

It’s the 10th Qt Developer Days and we need your help! Now, don’t get us wrong: we can be downright creative if we want to, but for 2013, we want to bask in the creativity of our ecosystem. That’s right – we are giving you the distinct honor of helping to design the Qt Developer Days 2013 T-shirt.

The time has come to turn off ‘Qt Creator 2.8.0’ and pick up the sketchbook! :-)

Items the shirt must incorporate:
• We are planning on a 3 color design for the print, so please use any of the solid colors of the Qt logo. The color of the t-shirt will be determined after the design is selected. All to say, simple is better. The design should be for the front of the t-shirt only.
• Include the Qt logo
• Other than the above original artwork only (no copyrights applied)

Items that could be included/incorporated:
• Location: Berlin / San Francisco (choose one)
• Conference Dates: Oct 7-9 / Nov 6-8 (choose one)

Items that will be on the back (added later by the creative team at Digia)
• Digia Logo
• Conference name, date and location – if not incorporated into the design
• Other information we determine we need, but can’t think of now

Qualifying Designs
Submit your original t-shirt design (high quality PDF – at least 250 dpi, no gradients, A4 max size, up to 3-color design – any of the solid colors of the Qt logo) to by next Friday, 16 Aug at 5pm CEST / 8am PDT.

Vote For Your Favorites
On Tuesday 20 August, we will post the shortlisted designs on a gallery. Winning entry will be selected via a combination of public votes plus input from the creative team at Digia. Voting will be open until Wed, 28 Aug.

If you do submit a design, you are giving us the right to use it, on the t-shirt or whatever we choose, forever until the end of time (stuff our lawyer makes us say). Besides mad props from this great community and getting your art printed on 1000+ T-shirts, the person behind the winning design will get a free two-day pass to Qt Developer Days in either Berlin or San Francisco.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

PS: Did you have a look at the Qt Developer Days 2013 proposed agenda topics? This year the Program Committee received a whipping number of papers! Pick your favorites here. Save your seat for Berlin here and for San Francisco here.


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Qt Developer Day China 2013

Published Thursday April 11th, 2013 | by

Qt’s popularity is gaining ground with our friends in China and the surrounding region. We are happy to announce a Qt Developer Day event in China.

Digia together with top sponsors, BlackBerry and Jolla, will host a one-day event with Qt experts and fans coming together to listen and learn about new developments with the best cross-platform application and UI development framework.

Save the date!

- Beijing: June 6

Please have a look at our Chinese blog post for more information.

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Qt Showing off its Portability Power at Embedded World 2013

Published Wednesday February 27th, 2013 | by

It’s the second day of Embedded World 2013 and as the world of embedded system developers crowd the Nuremberg messe, the Qt team has dry mouth from talking to the hundred of visitors to our booth thus far and showing off the 10+ demos at the Qt stand, #4/520.

It can be said that the embedded industry is still slightly new to the idea of having GUIs on systems like a microcontroller, but this year more and more of the traditional hard-knobs-and-dials sort of developers are coming to Qt because they realize that the world is moving to graphical UIs and especially touch capabilities. They need not only a UI tool, but a full framework that can give them the ability to have a flexible and performing UX on high-end chipset where power and performance are not lost when ported to low-end chipsets and architectures. “I can do that with Qt?” Yes you can.

This year we are showing at our booth Qt running on various embedded operating systems like embedded Linux, QNX, VxWorks, previews of Android and iOS. We also have our “Live Coding Theater” where we are demoing how easy it is to develop with Qt Creator and deploy to an embedded Linux target. This has been very popular being held 3 times a day.

What is really blowing minds is the consistent performance of the same Qt 5.0 application running on QNX, Android and iOS.



What are your thoughts on UI development in the embedded space?


NOTE: Wifi is a bit dodgy at the event – too many people on. Apologies for the pics being slightly heavy and large. We will fix them and update the post throughout the day.


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